Rabu, 16 April 2008

Aku cinta jakarta

When I say I want to be a lawyer, I mean it ( but not as strong as I want to be a doctor). some people said my words are easly dangerous, they banned me, hated me, fired me. But now it's different, i'm not using those weapons anymore. I just focus to the things I love, believed or not it's fun!, it's funny when everybody complaining about traffic jam, crowded bus or anything else. What they have been made ? change the situation? why not smile? that will spread the positive energy to the peoples arounds you, Try it!
My experience in these 2 years peoples don't care how ugly and stupid you are ( nggak usah jujur gitcu kaleeee' ) what respon they gave is smile back to you or at least they forget about they problem and see how weird you are. What I know about life is when you keep your self in the bright side, you are always lived in the miracle of life, suddenly something has changed your mood and you carried away with it than your miracle life is gone. You are the one who can decide it!

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